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Argyle Fridays is one of the biggest commercial Friday Club Night in Sydney. It is well known for being one of the best big club & RnB experiences.

Music & Entertainment

Expect to hear Top 40 commercial music, which is largely influenced by a bit electronic and RnB. Thrown in the mix is the occasional singalong throwback anthem. There is a designated room for RnB as well. The Argyle on a Friday is one of the busiest and best Friday night events in Sydney. Expect to see girl dancers in elaborate costumes, the Argyle Friday mascot, CO2 cannons and a top-tier lightshow. The Argyle mascot, wears a white cylindrical mask with a smiley face drawn on (the eyes are a bit scary) and wears stilts. Wearing stilts with such a low roof is absurd.

Argyle Fridays image
Argyle Fridays image
Argyle Fridays image


The Friday crowd is almost exclusively young, 18-24 year olds, and predominantly uni students and backpackers. The crowd is very mixed and pulls from all over Sydney. For many, it's their first time going out, others they are loyal regulars who swear by the Argyle Friday recipe. There's a pretty strict dress code of smart casual. You probably couldn't get away with TNs, though many will try. Dress shorts or jean shorts, you'll be probably be fine in summer but your best bet is long pants and some good shoes. Girls typically don't have as much of an issue as blokes with the dress code.

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