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Lost Sundays is a weekly sunday house and techno event at the ivy.

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The music genre is house and techno. The DJs range from local to international talent and are generally well-regarded.

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Lost Sundays image


The crowd is mostly 18-24yo and one of the few times cool people from the east come into the city. But it's not just an east crowd, Lost pulls a big cohort from the Shire and Northern Beaches. For this reason, Lost Sundays is very social, if you happen to be part of those cliques, you will bump into someone you know. ‍ The style ranges from daggy cool, think speed dealers and odd sunglasses, to free-spirited. It's also very prop/accessory heavy, similar to bringing props to a festival. Lost Sundays is a safe place to make social statements through fashion. While this is not for everyone, it is a lot more than any other event in Sydney.

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