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Reptile launched on the 2nd September 2023 with Tom Santa & Luke Hovey. Reptile is the weekly project of major Melbourne Events & Touring Company, Hardware. For 4 months Reptile Melbourne showcased a range of international acts including Hannah Laing, as well as, most of the big melbourne & Australian techno/hard house DJs on the scene. Around Christmas 2023, their venue Tramp (20 King St) had to close down reasonably suddenly, resulting in a month hiatus and subsequent return in February 2024. Their new home being La Di Da (577 Lt Bourke St).

Music & Entertainment

Reptile, as a melbourne event brand & concept, centres around quick and hard dance music, varying between elements of techno, hard house, trance & deep house. Depending on the artist and support acts the music varies a bit but not too significantly. With the beginning of the night being a brighter and more upbeat and then at 1:30/2am it gets quicker, darker and harder. Reptile, in it's short time, has found an identity in long dark basement style rooms with tubed lighting along the distance of the room and simple lighting near the DJ.

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The Reptile crowd is a mix of trendy, sceney and younger. It's not particularly exclusive like some of the clubs on Chapel St, it's easy to get in but the crowd is definitely sceney and into the ravey, electronic scene of melbourne.

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