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Coogee Bay Hotel

253 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee NSW 2034, Australia

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‍The Coogee Bay Hotel is an institution of Coogee. ‍ There are three key areas. The first is the beer garden. This is busy all year round, but ridiculously so in summer. There is a big screen out there and almost every seat is occupied in summer. ‍ Inside there is the sports bar. This is also constantly busy with mostly blokes. ‍ Then there is the front room. This is a late night specialist. There is someone on the acoustic playing in the evening, but when the beer garden closes at 12am and the crowd funnels in to the front room this is when it truly erupts. Historically it has been wild. ‍ The crowd is mostly 23 and older. There are a lot of Irish and expats that go, as well as locals. It has a much more casual feel than its neighbour the Coogee Pav. ‍ There is also the hidden 'Selinas', which historically held big gigs. It is rarely used now. ‍

Coogee Bay Hotel image
Coogee Bay Hotel image

Big beer garden for summer with plenty of British and Irish expats.

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