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320 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Ivy Precinct opened in 2007 and is actually a precinct, surrounded by several exclusive bars, restaurants and private areas. On a Thursday, the party is in the mainroom, RnB room and the upstairs/balcony area. The sound, lighting and decor is impeccable. When it's full, there's nothing like it in Sydney and it's nightlife scene. In terms of consistent busyness and the variety in entertainment offerings, Ivy is definitely up there. To add to this, there are the multiple different levels and dance floors that span through the precinct, offering different types of music and experiences. And of course, the pool.

Super club in Sydney that offers various music events. Also has the Pool Club which hosts its own events.

The Space

The Ivy is legitimately a Precinct While there are restaurants and bars, the main attraction of the Ivy is the courtyard, entertainment complex. This ballroom style room is fitted out with all the bells and whistles required for the modern night clubbing experience. The production value within the ivy club is some of the best in Sydney, let alone Australia. Ivy Pool operates as its own venue in most respects. With this in mind, we have made Ivy Pool it's own venue. The entrance can be hard to find. If you get there around 10:30pm or later it is very easy to spot as there will be massive line down a laneway that sometimes goes as far as George St.

The Entertainment

The entertainment offerings vary significantly depending on the day and area of the venue.

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The Crowd

The crowd depends on the day of the week and the section of the venue.

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