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New Guernica

64 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

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‍New Guernica, named after a Picasso painting 'Guernica', open in 2009 in Melbourne CBD. After 'Honkytonks' closed down in 2006, old employees aimed to keep the spirit of the old venue alive so they opened New Guernica. After 12 years and global pandemic, New Guernica moved to Collingwood and rebranded the original venue to 'Dove Club' also referred to Old Guerns. New Guernica opened in its new location in November 2021. ‍ New Guernica is a simple Dance Floor and DJ set-up with a few great features. The DJ stage is surrounded by old furniture styles and big funktion 1 speakers (a world class standard of sound quality and amplification). Behind the DJ is a small VIP area that is up some stairs and overlooks the Dance Floor. Separating the dance floor and the bar is a dark curtain. Then up the stairs is a great vantage point to watch the scenes and sit down in the booths, as well as, a secondary Dance Floor and bar. The smoking area is out the front near the entrance. The music at New Guernica main area leans more towards techno on the house techno scale of electronic music. The upstairs musi at New Guerns is a bit faster than downstairs and tends to dabble into hard techno and other sub genres. ‍ Thursdays are promoted in house by ex-bartender DJ Percy (DJ Post Nut Clarity) who has been running the Thursdays for 10 years. Thursdays have a lot more variability in music but tends to play more house music than straight techno. Thursdays are uni night and Guerns offers very cheap drinks and free entry before 11pm as well as uni student discounts. ‍ Fridays are run by a few different promoters. Saturdays are usually run by Eat The Beat with the after Party being at Storyville at 5am. Eat The Beat host a consistent touring headliner, often an international, and the best of Melbourne's local DJs. ‍ Sundays are just starting up at New Guernica and play a fast paced BPM on a techno subgenre. ‍ The crowd at New Guernica on a Thursday is typically very young 18-22. The Friday and Saturday are more 20-28 years old but depends significantly on who is headlining that night. ‍

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